Beginner Kayaking

Beginner Kayaking

Before embarking on the fun sport of kayaking I would recommend learning about the gear and equipment needed, and take a couple of lessons to learn the basics.

Gear and equipment are a very important part of kayaking. You will need to make sure you have the right helmet, personal flotation device, shoes, kayak, paddles, and other safety accessories. I would recommend having someone with experience help for the right fit.

There are many types of kayaks available. Some things to consider are the material boat is made of, and the size. You will need to decide what type works best for your body size and where you will mainly be using the kayak. You will also need to decide how many seats you will want.

You should first learn how to get in and out of your kayak. You should learn how to do this at a dock and at water’s edge. An important tip is to keep your weight low and centered.

You will also need to know the proper paddling techniques. The most common technique is the pull push method. Make sure to understand the correct grip, and best position to sit in while paddling.

It is also very important to learn safety procedures. You should know what do do if bad weather occurs and what to do if you get hurt. A float plan is important. Someone should always be contacted that will not be on the water, to know when and where you will be. A first aid kit is strongly advised.

Once you’ve mastered the basic techniques, you are ready to hit the water.

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