Facts About Ocean Kayaking

Facts About Ocean Kayaking

Polynesia is where ocean kayaking all began. Ocean kayaking was used mainly to travel from island to island. This type of kayaking started from using koa wood. It then emerged to using high tech plastics, and fiberglass. Often carbon fiber was used. Open and closed decks are the two main types of ocean kayaks. Paddles are used for steering the kayak and also to generate speed.

It is a sure bet that at one point or another you and your kayak will get separated while ocean kayaking, so it is imperative that you wear a helmet and life vest before you go out on your kayak no matter what the weather conditions are at the present time. A wetsuit may be required under certain conditions, so you must be prepared. Some things to watch out for are rip tides and try to avoid getting stuck in big waves.

There are a couple of different waves for you to surf. Point breaks and beach breaks are the two most common waves for ocean kayak surfing. There are some rules you need to follow when surfing the ocean on your kayak. Never drop in on another ocean surfer. The right of way belongs to the surfer closest to the peak.

Always make sure to have control of all your equipment when ocean kayaking, this also means to maintain control of your kayak. Waves often get very high and its very hard to be able to stay inside your kayak so keep safety in mind at all times when venturing out in the ocean on your kayak.

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