How to Paddle a Kayak

How to Paddle a Kayak

Their are some great guidelines to follow for learning how to paddle a kayak. These guidelines will help you get around more efficiently. First off you need to ensure you have good posture, that is key because you could be paddling for hours, and want to make sure you don’t sprain a muscle or hurt your back. Also if you are not sitting straight it will restrict your movement. Ensure your hands are shoulder width apart. Tightly grip with your dominant hand, make sure that blade is vertical. Then feel the twist of the shaft through your loose hand.

Also inside your kayak there are foot pegs, you need to find one that makes your legs feel most comfortable. This will help in keeping your balance and help you paddle properly.

Now lets talk about when your blade enters the water, it should be in a vertical position. This is key because it will be less resistance from the water to inserting the blade into the water. You should be reaching forward when you are putting the blade into the water. This will give your paddle more strength in your stroke. When the blade is in the water, pull the blade toward you with you hand closest to the water, you will also help push the paddle along. This will optimize your stroke.

Now that you have read these guidelines, you can jump in your kayak you can get the most out of your paddle strokes. It will help you in paddling properly and not straining your body. Overall you will get more out of your paddle strokes if you follow these simple guidelines.

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