Kayaking Tips

Kayaking Tips

Learning to kayak is not very difficult. One thing for sure is that you need to be in very good physical shape. If you do not exercise on a regular basis and are not very active then kayaking may not be for you. Okay, so you are physically active now you want to get to know the fundamentals of kayaking.

One thing you should make sure you do is pick the right type of kayak. Some things to consider when looking for a kayak would be to know what kind of water you will be kayaking on. Calm waters require a different type of kayak than lets say fast-moving water does. Another thing to consider is if you alone will be paddling or if you will have someone helping you. The best thing to do is go rent a kayak and see for yourself which type you like.

You can save money by buying your kayak in winter time when they will be much cheaper than during the summer. Now you need to figure out

what gear you will need to kayak. You will defiantly need to buy a good life jacket, or some type of floatation device. Kayaking requires a certain type of floatation device; you will need a Type II or Type V. These devices look much different that the normal life jackets.

The other basic need is of course is the paddle. The paddle most often used by beginners is one that has an aluminum shaft and is adjustable. It should have flat blades and tapered ends that are blunt looking. These are just a few tips for people looking to kayak.

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