Take a trip to Kenya for some Extreme Whitewater Rafting and Kayaking

Take a trip to Kenya for some Extreme Whitewater Rafting & Kayaking

For those who like extreme kayaking take a trip to Kenya in Africa. Kenya has great rivers that have IV and V grade rapids and you can see some of the wonderful animals in their own habitat. Some tours require you to have some experience in white water rafting, you may even have to take a field test to check your abilities. Most of the places in Kenya that offer tours accept United States currency. Overnight trips like people to help set up camp and cook meals if you are part of the expedition.

The Tana River offers high action whitewater rapids up to V grade at the upper section. The river gets water from drainage from Mt. Kenya, the Aberdare’s and most of the Kenya Highlands. This area is known for its many species of birds and a lot of local wildlife. It has the rapids named Captain’s Folly, a place where guides even in rafts fall out. Can of Worms contains four 90 degree bends in a row. The Spincter Flexor has sputtering and spitting water. The Spasm is the last rapid. It is a 3/4km series of drops with a surprise at the midway point. This trip takes about four to five hours.

The Mathioya River is Kenya’s most difficult rivers spanning 22km with over 450m of descending water. This river is very technical and narrow. Even during the rainy season the water level runs low. This river is for those who like IV/V sustained rapids. You need to have V grade rapids experience on this river or another to get on a tour due to the volatile nature of the river.

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