Tandem Kayaks for the couple

Tandem Kayaks

If you’re eager to get your kids out on the water, consider tandem kayaks for the couple. They are a great way for you to spend time enjoying the water.

When choosing a kayak, consider the ages and abilities of your children. If you only have one small child, a tandem kayak with a third child’s seat in the middle might be a perfect solution. Children over 8 are usually capable of paddling in the bow of the kayak, so pair each child with an adult with the children in the bow.

Safety should be the number one concern when teaching children to kayak. First, make sure they are equipped with a personal flotation device that fits and appropriate water shoes. Parents should also wear the appropriate gear in order to model good safety behavior for the kids. Teach basic safety rules, such as staying seated in the kayak and how to handle the paddle.

When planning your outing, take into consideration the children’s age, maturity level, strength and swimming ability as well as their experience with the water. For the first time out, plan on less than an hour on calm water. If all goes well, stay out longer, but this first trip will give you a good idea of how much your kids can handle.

For their first few trips, use some of the time to introduce new skills, but mostly just have fun. Kids have a natural curiosity and love seeing wildlife, so stay close to shore for the best exploring. Before long, they’ll be ready and eager for longer trips!

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